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Top Secret PDR Gray Glue FORMULATED to Stick Better for Bigger DENTS

Top Secret PDR Gray Glue this Glue was designed to stick better and hold longer designed to be used on larger tabs and larger damage.I use these on warm days, I do not recommend using below 70 degrees. These sticks measure 7/16" Diameter and 8 inches in length.I use an adjustable temperature glue gun and I am dispensing it at about 350 degrees. If you follow the directions enclosed with the sticks you will have great results. If you are a good technician you can adjust your practices and have very similar results with a high temp glue gun it just takes longer to cool enough to pull. For best hold I do not recommend using this glue below 70 degrees. If you are having problems you are NOT using it correctly feel free to contact me and I will help you to use it properly. Its not rocket science but it is common sense...