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About us

Top Secret PDR, like all stories, starts off small. I started doing PDR in 2013 out of Denver, Colorado. I quickly realized that there were not a lot of reliable products related to glue pulling, so I set out on my own to make glue and glue tabs that were not only reliable but predictable. Over the years, there were some hits and some that were not. Through a process of elimination, I found and developed the product line I offer today. In the process of learning PDR, I found that there was a need for a reliable source of Plugs too! One day I went to my usual supply house to order Plugs, and they were out of stock with no expected restock date. I found that this was an issue industry-wide, so I started supplying Plugs of all shapes and sizes for myself and my fellow coworkers. A few years later, I suffered a physical injury and transitioned out of Daily PDR and went full time into Supplying Plugs and Glue to the industry. What a wild ride it's been!