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Top Secret PDR Black Rubber 1/2" .500" - 9/16" .5625" Rubber Plugs 13mm

Top Secret PDR Rubber plugs are custom manufactured from Sanopreme Rubber and are flexible and fill a variety of hole sizes ranging from 1/2" to 9/16" These plugs are designed for sheet metal and Plastic to snap through and stay in place until removed. Button Plugs with flush-type heads are designed primarily to plug holes in sheet metal. The BPFE plugs offers greater versatility because of the pliable nature of the material. Why choose Top Secret PDR Flex temp plugs? One size plug fits a variety of different sized holes Quick and easy installation and removal Common applications include car bodies, tanks, appliances, and machinery Manufactured in flexible Santoprene Plugs will also fit into a 12 mm to 14mm Hole. If the plug is loose in your hole and you feel it may fall out and you do not want it to use silicone or another sealant to seal the plug in place either permanently or temporarily.