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TOP SECRET PDR 3/8" White Hole Plugs for Filling a 3/8" Hole .375" Maximun Material Thickness for snap in is .0.02-0.05" or 0.51-1.27mm Designed for use in Sheetmetal

Top Secret PDR 3/8" or .375" White Hole Plug These plugs have a flush type head (slightly raised) These are made for use in Sheet metal or similar Material. Top Secret PDR button plugs with flush-type heads can be used for plugging holes in equipment made of sheet metal, such as automobile bodies, tanks, refrigeration units, etc. Can be snapped into holes easily. Held in place by a bead until deliberately removed. Dimensions of product are as follows. A .19" B .75" C .41" These plugs will fit a properly sized hole .037" -.038" OR 9.4-9.65mm Metal thickness.0.2-.05" or .51-.27mm .37 - .389.40 - 9.650.02 - 0.050.51 -

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