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Top Secret PDR 13mm][ 1/2" Rubber Hole Plugs Premium Quality PDR Removable/Reusable Plug

Top Secret PDR 13mm or 1/2" Premium RUBBER hole plugs 10 in a pack. These premium plugs fit nicely and give a great finish to your project. These PREMIUM plugs are used for higher end Pdr to cover holes in automobile bodies. Dimensions are as follows A 0.315 B 0.905 C 0.590 Button Plugs with flush-type heads are designed primarily to plug holes in sheet metal. The BPFE plugs offers greater versatility because of the pliable nature of the material. One size plug fits a variety of different sized holes Quick and easy installation and removal Common applications include car bodies, tanks, appliances, and machinery Manufactured in flexible Santoprene Material: FlexTemp (Thermoplastic Rubber) Color: Black these plugs will fit holes sized 0.492 - 0.590" or 12.50 - 14.00mm in metal thickness 0.031 - 0.079" or 0.80 - 2.00mm thick

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