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TOP SECRET PDR 1/2" Domed Head 1/2" ID Hole Locking Plugs for Panels - Nylon Plastic 0.5 Inch ID Round 9/16" Head Dia - for Panel Thickness .016" - .125" | Body and Sheet Metal Hole Plug

Top Secret PDR 1/2” Domed head locking plug. These plugs are made for use in sheet metal or similar material up to a maximum thickness of .125” to be able to snap and lock itself into place. If your material that you are plugging is thicker you will need to use silicone or RTV sealant to hold it in place, Or if your hole is oversized or oblong. These plugs are commonly use in Dent repair or PDR but can be used in a variety of different situations. Please verify your hole size before ordering.

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