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Top Secret Glue PDR Tool Coat UV cureing Protectant and Coating Ultraviolet Tool Coating Kit

Top Secret Glue Ultraviolet Tool coating Kit this kit contains ONE Bottle of our Proprietary cross linking UV sealant and One UV Light. This Clear Fluid when exposed to Ultraviolet light or UV Light will begin to cure and harden. This will allow you to do many things with the product, more than just coating your tools and since it is clear you can use it to repair broken and chipped plastic pieces as well as seal small cracks in glass. to use just dispense the gel/ liquid onto the tool or piece that you want to use it on then expose it to either direct sunlight or to the beam of the UV light provided and depending on how thick you put it on should harden completely in 2 to 3 minutes. If you need it thicker just re apply and re cure. To remove from a tool after use just heat it up and scrape it off i use a knife, or the concrete. This gel has a wide range of uses everything from coating dent tools to fixing fishing rods and surfboard dings.