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(50) White 1/2"or .500" Recesses head plug with 3/4" head 50 count fits 1/2" hole Pdr Plug Caplugs DP1/2" TOP SECRET PDR White (50)

Bp-1/2" White Recessed Type head (50) Pieces. These plugs fit Nicely in a .500" cleanly drilled hole, and are even flexible enough if there is a slight bend or step to still cover the hole nicely. if your holes are oversized or out of round i recommend using an Rtv or Silicone sealant to hold it in place. Also to seal the metal so it does not rust. Maximum working thickness for the snap in feature of these plugs is .080" or approximately 1/16" BP Series Button Plugs have recessed type heads and can be used for plugging holes in equipment made of sheet metal such as auto bodies, tanks, refrigeration units, etc. These plugs can be snapped into holes easily and are held in place by a bead until deliberately removed. Material: Low-density polyethylene Service Temperature: -94 - 175° F (-70 - 7° C)