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3/4" 0.75 inch Flush Mount Black Plastic Body and Sheet Metal Hole Plug Qty 25

These plugs are made of plastic and are used to fill holes in sheet metal the plug will snap into a 3/4” hole in sheet metal. Most commonly used to fill manufactured access points in the PDR process. If you are using these plugs in a thicker material than sheet metal you may have to glue them into the hole being plugged. You can use 3M panel adhesive or silicone to seal them in place. These plugs are not made for Caps to be put over something they are specifically made for use in plugging holes in Sheet metal these are manufactured to tightly fit in a drilled 3/4” hole if the hole is exactly .750 or 3/4” it will fit tightly if the hole is not .750 the plug will not fit. Please measure your holes at their widest point and verify the size before ordering.

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