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1/2 0.5 inch Flush Mount Black Plastic Body and Sheet Metal Hole Plug Qty 25 by Caplugs

1/2"” plastic plugs by Caplugs this plug is a flush slightly raised head that measures approximately 3/4" while filling a 1/2"” hole. These plugs will fit snugly into sheet metal, but will need cemented in thicker materials either with 3 M body sealant or silicone or an adhesive of your choosing. The inner ring that snaps through the sheet metal is slightly larger than 1/2"” by a few thousandths of an inch to make them snap in so to speak so they may be difficult to push in I would recommend that you use a little bit of liquid soap if you are having an issue. These plugs are made of LDPE plastic. And give a professional looking finish. For use on flat surfaces.